Bad Astronomy | Astrophoto: Eight planets and a Moon, from east to west

Tunç Tezel is an astrophotographer, and one I’ve featured on the blog many times before. He has an eye for the unusual, something I appreciate very much. He recently sent me a note that he had tried something a bit odd once again, and as usual I was amazed at his effort.

Get this: Over two nights (January 25 and 26, 2017), he took a series of photos of the sky from the eastern horizon to the west, and was able to capture every single planet in the solar system, and the Moon, as well!


How about that? It can be hard to identify everything in it, so he also produced an annotated version:


Ah, that’s better! I’ll note that the bright object just above Mercury is the Moon, just a day or two before it was new. It was a very thin, waning crescent at the time. All the planets are labeled (Neptune is very faint, so he had to make a little “zoom circle”…

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