As D.C. attacks Obamacare, California takes steps toward single-payer healthcare – Orange County Register

While Republicans in Washington work to scale back government’s role in health care, Democrats in Sacramento are moving forward with a single-payer proposal that would virtually eliminate health insurance companies in California and put a $370-billion statewide system in bureaucrats’ hands.

The plan going to the state Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday could cost Californians more and faces substantial hurdles to enact. But it promises to provide everybody in the state — including those here illegally — with care that in most cases would be superior and easier to access than what they have now.

“It’s the only way to guarantee health care for every Californian in a sustainable way, especially given efforts in Washington to roll back coverage,” said Michael Lighty, director of public policy for the California Nurses Association. The union is sponsoring the…

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