Daily Archive: Friday, May 19, 2017

CNN Panel Slams Former Navy SEAL for Criticizing ‘Anonymous Sources’

Former Navy SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) officer Carl Higbie defended Donald Trump even though he was surrounded by critics of the Republican president during a discussion that quickly turned into a hostile debate on CNN International’s State of America with Kate Bolduan on Tuesday. According to the staff at the Washington Free Beacon, the angry

Threat for tornadoes returns Friday afternoon

Dangerous storms including the threat for tornadoes is possible Friday afternoon into early evening. The risk for severe weather in Oklahoma today is conditional. Areas that warm with some sunshine after the morning rain will have the greatest threat for damaging storms. If storms get going they will develop a damaging hail, wind and tornado

Security guard tour systems

What can you do if security guards are underperforming? The whole idea of having guards on site is to provide a visual presence and for them to conduct routine patrols that ensure a building is safe at all time. So what happens if you have a sneaking suspicion that your guards aren’t carrying out regular